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What do I believe about music and teaching? (My Teaching Philosophy)

My expertise is in performance, vocal technique, musical analysis, theory, and principle applications of classical music. Ten years of experience has taught me that the arts encompass every aspect of our lives. Through music, literature, and the arts, I endeavor to inspire children and adults alike to learn at play, to give and grow, explore and discover.  

I believe that every moment of a young person’s life is an opportunity for growth and enrichment. As they learn about themselves and the world around them, we can guide their footsteps with tender care, wisdom, insight, encouragement and love. They need to be surrounded with opportunities to express from their hearts and minds, know themselves, embrace the arts, and enjoy the nurturing of their tender, ripening intellect. It is also my most sincere belief that music is one of the most poignant mediums by which we can offer these opportunities. It touches the deepest and most inexplicable parts of us all, yet it can be simple enough for anyone to understand---even an unborn child. The principles of music have been proven to literally train a young brain to be receptive to complex learning, high levels of thinking and reasoning, and the mastery of numeration, sequencing, and calculation. Although every teaching experience is unique, my constant goal is to excellently open the door for the mastery of musical understanding and technique, as it brings about self-confidence, broadens self-awareness, fosters the development of intellect and nurtures a love of learning. I look forward to sharing and learning with you!

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