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Family Enrichment

I am absolutely passionate about bringing the full spectrum abilities and neurological constitutions together through music, nature, relationship, and education to foster an atmosphere of enrichment and empowerment for ALL individuals. I believe that music, in it's experiential form, with all of its patterns and sonorities, waves, and rhythms, bypasses the intellect and penetrates the heart; and a healthy heart produces true and meaningful emotional intelligence. Together, with the serene and enlightening lessons of nature in all of its grace and beauty, music can, and will, open the pathways through which every mind is compelled to journey and grow toward its own brilliance.  Every person needs the chance to be championed, to have a quality of life, to hone skills, and to build genuine relationships with others while building confident trust within themselves. EVERYONE is a valuable and beautiful contributing member of this phenomenal community called "Humanity". Everyone counts. Let's bridge the gap!


You can read more about Heartsong and/or donate by following this link.


All the very best,



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