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Le Voicery

The Singer's Laboratory

~A refreshing gathering of artists in heart, spirit, mind, and song~

You are invited to come and be invigorated by the bond of singing, the strength of sharing, the focus of mindfulness, the excitement of musical exploration and discovery, and the enrichment of togetherness with those of like mind -- all while creating beautiful art in song!



What to Expect:

  • Principles of Focused Self Care

  • Learning How Singing Fosters Introspection, Thoughtful Listening, and Self Reflection

  • Purity of Intention and Awareness: What does MUSIC have to do with it?

  • Critical Principles of Vocal Technique: Resonance, Placement, Breathing, Support/Resistance and Strength in a Relaxed Physical Frame

  • Increasing Skill: Vocal Agility, Ear for Harmony, Intonation, Stamina, Control, Blending in Ensemble

  • Embracing Your Own Voice and Vocal Color

  • A Recording of Singing Sessions

  • An Outing of Caroling or Singing for our Beloved Retirement Community

        ... and much more!   Join us to find out!!

Summer Camps: July 25th-29th and 29/August 1st-5th

Saturdays in October and November

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Balancing Rocks


To build a community

of vocal artists who

know themselves,

who are enriched

by and in tune to the

world around them,

and who are aware

of the great opportunity

for growth through

this powerful medium

of art.

Yoga at Home


Bringing singers together to practice mindfulness, purity of intention, self care, confidence, and balance -- all culminated in the inner strength and beauty to create the most impactful music.

At Sea
Spring Portrait

A Comprehensive Vocal Workshop for Young Singers

Who would like to:       


  • Find and Embrace Their Own True


  • Sing With a Group, Learn Harmony

       & Music Theory

  • Develop Critical Vocal Technique

  • Learn Different Styles of Music

  • Make New Friends

  • Sing in Italian and Learn to Sight-Read

  • Conquer Stage-Fright and Inspire Others

  • Add Movement and Acting to

       Their Vocal Skills

  • Participate in An Outing of Caroling or Singing for our Beloved Retirement Community

Le Voicery for the
Relatively Young

The Singer's Laboratory

Our goal is to “foster development of the whole person as we explore the art of the voice”.  We will begin by learning vocal technique, sight-reading, and how to blend our voices.  From there we will explore various genres of vocal music, and how to perform them well.  We will also incorporate movement, speaking, and stage presence.  At the end of the workshop, each student will have learned one classical song in Italian, a show tune, a jazz piece, and one ensemble piece.  Some major goals of the workshop will be to encourage the students to use music as a means for growing as a person and an artist; expressing the genuine “self”; defeating stage fright; developing articulation and posture; and being an inspiration and a gift to others, and in turn, to themselves.  We’ll record parts of the camp sessions for parents to get a peek inside of the fun!

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